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Did You Know?


... that Mikrofill have put together a range of complete pressurisation packages? ... that included in the Mikrofill package is full commissioning? ... that you also get a vessel service valve free of charge? ... that if you purchase a complete Mikrofill package, you c. . .

The Best in the West


. . .

For Innovation & Technology, Mikrofill's a Winner!


. . .

Beware of falling NOx


Mikrofill are campaigning that all currently available boilers should publish their NOx emissions to the same standard.. . .

The Birth of a New British Boiler


The Ethos range of wall mounted gas fired condensing boilers represent the very latest innovations in combustion technology combined with reliability, ease of installation and maintenance. Designed and built in Worcestershire, the. . .

Small Product, Huge Sales!


Launched in 1994, the Electronic Filling Device (EFD) is now the number one selling device for backflow prevention, filling and pressurisation management in the U.K. . . .

Mikrofill Launches New Training Site


Mikrofill continues its commitment to improving skills to industry by launching a training suite at their new Head Office in Redditch, West Midlands. . . .

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