Mikrofill Low Loss Headers

Mikrovent 150

Low Loss Header

The Mikrovent 150 is a Low Loss Header and Air & Dirt Separator suitable for connected loads of up to 150 kW.


As water impinges on the spiral wound brushes a low pressure area is created behind each filament of the brush, this forces any dissolved gases to be released.

The use of two removable stainless steel brushes ensures that any dissolved gases within the system are removed by the lower brush, whilst gases entrained in the boiler header system are released by the upper brush.

These gases then rise to the top of the unit and are expelled by the automatic air vent.

Mikrovent headers are available to suit connected loads of 150, 250, 400, 750 and 1000 kW.

All in all the Mikrovent is a worthwhile addition to any new or refurbished commercial heating or chilled water system.

Mikrovent 150 Mikrovent 150
Mikrovent 150
Mikrovent 150
Key Features
  • Suitable for connected loads of up to 150 kW
  • Improves heating system performance and efficiency
  • Removes dirt and air from the heating system
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Technical Specification
Product Code HEA400023
Diameter 80 mm
Height 900 mm
Boiler PN16 Flange DN 50
System PN16 Flange DN 50