The Birth of a New British Boiler

The Ethos range of wall mounted gas fired condensing boilers represent the very latest innovations in combustion technology combined with reliability, ease of installation and maintenance. Designed and built in Worcestershire, the Ethos boiler is a British boiler built specifically for the British market.


The flexibility of the design allows for endless application possibilities, making it suitable for almost anywhere- it can be used as a stand alone single boiler or in multiple boiler applications. For example, you could use just one boiler to heat an average office building, or use many of these boilers together in larger buildings where you wish to generate more heat. The compact design means minimum loss of space.

The single boiler integral controls include timeclock, optimum start, weather compensation, and frost protection and can easily be connected to most energy management systems. All boilers in the range include pumps to ensure the correct primary circulation. When used in multiple boiler applications the integral controller offers cascade control facilities.
Attention to detail has been a byword of the design, the design team incorporated many years of experience into producing a boiler that not only offers outstanding performance but also looks good.


The Ethos range is probably the quietest boiler of its size available, due to the unique sealed air combustion system that not only ensures consistent long term high efficiency, but reduces noise levels to a whisper.


Naturally the boilers have been designed with the environment in mind and produce exceptional efficiencies (up to 107% nett) coupled with ultra low emissions of greenhouse gases, and of course being built in the UK the carbon footprint of the delivery trail is minimised. To further enhance operating efficiency the Ethos range offer a 7.1 modulation range twice as wide as most of its competitors, that is to say that the 130kW model will reduce down to less than 19kW on low load conditions, thus greatly increasing the actual seasonal efficiency.


Although competitively priced, quality was never compromised, from the stainless steel (AISI 316) heat exchanger to the backfill prevention device on the condense trap. The Ethos boilers are extremely compact, enabling over 520kW to be installed onto a 2 metre wall.
The fluing options with this range are seemingly endless. Approved for use as room sealed and open flued appliances, the Ethos range of boilers can be used on concentric, two pipe or single pipe systems. The Ethos 130 being the largest boiler available that can be flue at low level utilising a horizontal flue kit.
The boilers are complemented by a comprehensive range of plant room equipment including wall frames, low loss headers, and controls. Rapide Ultra high recovery stainless steel hot water cylinders and of course the market leading Mikrofill Electronic Filling Device (EFD), complete with a wide range of expansion vessels, all in compliance with the pressure directive.


Mikrofill have pursued a policy of serving the heating industry, and as one of the few British manufacturers, have set the standard that others strive to achieve, not only in quality innovation and price, but in delivery and after sales service.