Small Product, Huge Sales!

Launched in 1994, the Electronic Filling Device (EFD) is now the number one selling device for backflow prevention, filling and pressurisation management in the U.K.

Invented and patented by Roger Cherrington, the Managing Director of Mikrofill Heating Systems Ltd, the EFD has offered the market a multifunctional product all within one small unit.

"I had been working with cumbersome pressurisation equipment for years," claims Roger, "and I wanted to invent something that would do the job but without using pumps or storage tanks."

The EFD took years to design, develop and approve but the result is a unique device that offers the market something genuinely innovative - a compact, wall mounted unit that fulfils three roles - that of backflow preventor, filling device and pressurisation manager.

Mikrofill manufactures the EFD from their head office in Redditch and have now sold 25,000 units, making the device a number one seller in the U.K.

"I wouldn't consider using an alternative device...there simply isn't anything else around that can effectively perform so many functions whilst using so little space." says Darren Gallagher, a Maintenance Manager at Mitie Maintenance Engineering.

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