HVAC & Pressurisation Specialist Mikrofill Enters Water Supply Market With Range of Multi-Pump Cold Water Boosters

Renowned for developing innovative products, Mikrofill has built its success on quality, reliability and outstanding customer service. Our rapidly expanding range of products now include the brand NEW Aquaboost booster sets.

Mikrofill’s uncompromising approach to quality materials, design flexibility and engineering excellence has resulted in the Aquaboost cold water booster sets. Here at Mikrofill, we are committed to ensuring that all of our products are geared towards energy efficiency and always satisfy and exceed the most stringent environmental requirements.

The Aquaboost cold water booster sets feature stainless steel multistage pumps mounted on a Powder Coated steel base plate.

The Aquaboost sets are controlled by our advanced variable speed control panel and different configurations are available offering maximum flow rates ranging from 4.4m³/h (75l/min) – 29m³/h (480l/min) (Per Pump) and maximum head pressures ranging from 1.0 – 16 bar.

The Aquaboost range includes sets in both horizontal and vertical pump configuration, with standard 2 or 3 pump models Mikrofill’s extensive technical experience also allows us to offer bespoke booster design based on individual project requirements. This may include additional pumps or complete redesign of the assembly. All sets include a pressure vessel, ranging from 8 – 48 litres, with the option to include anti-vibration mounting feet.

Explore the range here: Aquaboost