The Tree Council Planting Day 2022

On Wednesday 9th March, 2022 Stuart Turner joined The Tree Council in Hertford for a tree planting day. In an effort to improve our environmental contributions, we will be continuously working to review and revise processes as part of our Environmental Management System, which we aim to conform to ISO 14001:2015 requirements.

An effective system ensures we as a company are providing our team members and customers with the best options to tackle climate change together and work in a more sustainable way. In addition, our ongoing review of quantifiable improvements such as water saving, renewable energy saving and paper wastage reduction ensure that we are able to measure our level of contributions.

Stuart Turner supporting The Tree Council

Over a 5 year time frame, we have been able to reduce our annual consumption by 40,000kWh.

We have set a number of milestone environmental targets for us to reach by December 2023:

- Reduce energy consumption by 5%

- Reduce carbon emissions by 10%

- Reduce water consumption by 5%

- Maintain minimum water recycling rate of 5%

Through the process of reviewing all processes across the business, we have now switched to using compostable cups and issued all staff with reusable water bottles in a bid to cut down on single use plastic.