Mikrofill Hot Water Generation

Extreme 500 (Discontinued)

Hot Water Loading System

Mikrofill’s hot water loading systems have been developed specifically to meet the demands of modern commercial buildings. The Extreme is a domestic hot water generator that combines the advantages of both an instantaneous hot water heater and a storage system, creating perfect harmony between a condensing boiler and a hot water cylinder.

The Extreme loading system addresses and overcomes all of the disadvantages of the traditional coil type cylinder, whilst remaining simple and straight forward to install. In addition the operating principle ensures the efficiency of a condensing boiler is optimised during the production of hot water.

The Extreme produces exceptional flow rates in excess of 2500 litres per hour at 60°C.

Mikrofill’s uncompromising approach to quality materials, design flexibility and engineering excellence has resulted in the Extreme, the new standard in hot water generation.


Introducing ‘INJECTION DYNAMICS’, a breakthrough in domestic hot water technology. By utilising this revolutionary method of heating, the Extreme generates hot water faster, cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.

To view a video demonstration of the Extreme loading system click here.

Extreme 500
Key Features
  • 500 litre storage capacity
  • Exceptional flow rates - up to 2570 litres an hour at 60 °C
  • Injection dynamics - allowing hot water draw off in minutes
Technical Specification
Product Code EXT421500
Appliance water content 500 litres
Weight - empty 100 kg
Primary working pressure - max 10 bar
Secondary working pressure - max 7.5 bar
Plate heat exchanger input - max 120 W
Connection - DHW flow 1½ " BSP
Connection - DHW return 1 " BSP
Connection - primary flow 28 mm
Connection - primary return 28 mm
Connection - mains cold water supply 1½ " BSP
Power supply (Vac/Ph/Hz) 230 V a.c. / 1 / 50 Hz
Power consumption - max 100 W
Fuse protection 3 Amp
Insulation thickness 100 mm
Standing losses - per month 182 MJ
Standing losses - per day

6.05 MJ

1.68 kWh

Energy efficiency class B
Water Quality
Acidity level 7.0 - 8.5 pH
Water hardness

3 - 12 °dH

5 - 22 °fH

0.53 - 2.14 mmol/l CaCO3


Mikrofill Extreme Loading System Demonstration


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