Mikrofill Booster Sets

Velocity 3V Scope 10

Booster Set - Vertical Triple

The Velocity 3V booster sets are fully WRAS approved and feature three vertical stainless steel multistage pumps mounted on a mild steel powder coated base plate.


The pumps are controlled by our advanced variable speed control panel and different configurations are available offering maximum flow rates ranging from 13.2 m³/h (225 l/min) - 87 m³/h (1440 l/min) and maximum head pressures up to 16 bar.

Velocity 3V Scope 10
Key Features
  • Maximum heads ranging from 70 - 150 metres
  • Maximum flow rates from 13.2 m³/h (225 l/min) - 87 m³/h (1440 l/min)
  • Variable speed pump control
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Technical Specification
Product Code 3V Scope 10
Pump control system Variable speed
Dry run protection
Anti-vibration Mounting Feet (Optional)
Pressure vessel 24 litres
Pump check valve(s)
Noise < 70 dB(A)
Maximum head - closed valve Up to 15.6 bar
Maximum flow rate - per pump 14 m³/h (230 l/min)
Minimum static inlet pressure 0.1 bar
Maximum static inlet pressure 1 bar
Maximum working pressure 1600 kPa (16 bar)
Maximum ambient air temperature 40 °C
Minimum / maximum water temperature Minimum 4 °C / Maximum 23 °C
Inlet connection 2½" BSP
Outlet connection 2½" BSP
Manifold construction Stainless Steel
Pump isolation valves Full Bore, Lever
Pump type Centrifugal Multistage
Pump body Stainless Steel
Impeller Stainless Steel
Mechanical seal EPDM / Silicon Carbide / Carbon
Motor type Induction (Current Overload Sensor)
Duty rating Continuous (S1)
Power supply (VAC/Phase/Hz) 230V/1/50Hz or 400V/3/50Hz
Compare Models
Description Part Number Maximum head - closed valve Maximum flow rate - per pump
Velocity 3V Scope 03 3V Scope 03 Up to 16.0 bar 4.4 m³/h (75 l/min)
Velocity 3V Scope 05 3V Scope 05 Up to 15.8 bar 8.5 m³/h (140 l/min)
Velocity 3V Scope 10 3V Scope 10 Up to 15.6 bar 14 m³/h (230 l/min)
Velocity 3V Scope 15 3V Scope 15 Up to 10.0 bar 24 m³/h (400 l/min)
Velocity 3V Scope 22 3V Scope 22 Up to 7.7 bar 29 m³/h (480 l/min)