Following an in depth site survey at The Holiday Inn hotel in Bromsgrove by William Austin’s Ltd, it was concluded that the LPHW plant urgently needed replacing. Part of the remedial programme included the supply of new boiler and hot water generation plant by Mikrofill.


Specifically 4 No Ethos 130 kW wall mounted condensing boilers c/w a Mikrovent 750 low loss header & air/dirt separator were skilfully installed by William Austin’s. The works had to coincide with a tight schedule ensuring complete continuity of the hotels services. The new boiler plant with a combined modulation of 40 : 1 (520 kW to 13 kW) supplies LPHW to the pool, spa and public areas throughout the hotel.


In addition, the HWS circuit was also upgraded with the installation of 2 No Extreme 500 litre loading cylinders capable of producing in excess of 5000 litres p/hr at 60°C. The HWS loading cylinder maximises the efficiency of the Ethos condensing boilers as the Extremes integral plate heat exchanger operates at a Δt of 30°C (80/50°C) whilst producing a total instantaneous performance of 70 l/m at 60°C.