The University of Southampton is already one of the top 15 research universities in the UK and has achieved consistently high scores for its teaching and learning activities. Originally founded in 1862 and based at the Highfield Campus since 1919, Southampton University boasts eight faculties including Biological Sciences and Engineering and the Environment.

St Margaret’s Hall, one of the Universities many residential buildings required a services upgrade including the installation of new HWS generation equipment. Specified by the university and installed by SSE Contracting Mikrofill Systems supplied 2No 500 litre Extreme 316L stainless steel loading cylinders. In total the indirect cylinders provide in excess of 5000 litres of hot water per hour and ensure 100% of the stored volume achieves target temperature. Complemented by an unvented kit, each loading cylinder covers the circuit’s peak demand with the added comfort of instantaneous production as and when required.