St John’s Primary School (part of the Warwickshire Primary Partnership) lists having a culture of transparency, trust and a shared commitment to mental health and wellbeing of its children as some of its key principles.

Following a detailed survey by the mechanical engineering team at Warwickshire County Council it was concluded that the existing LPHW system was to be updated.

Part of the new design incorporated the installation of three Ethos 110 kW condensing boilers on free standing frames. Neatly installed by Dodd Group, the new plant with a collective modulation of 30 > 1 supports the current heating and hot water circuits.

The stainless steel boilers were complemented by the installation of a pre-commissioned Mikrofill 500 pressurisation package. Part of this process includes matching the units coldfill setting with the nitrogen/air charge in the expansion vessel. As a result, the vessel comfortably handles the calculated volume of expanded water.

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