The Warwickshire is the ideal location to enjoy golf, a spa day, catch up with colleagues or simply spend time with the family. The most recent addition is a beautiful 56 bedroom hotel that boasts a state-of-the-art gym, 20 metre swimming pool, sauna/steam room aswell as a hydrotherapy pool.

The mechanical works including the installation of the new domestic hot water generation plant got underway in Spring 2016. Based on the initial selection by consulting engineers, Quality Engineering Design and installed by Leicester based contractor McVeigh Technical Solutions, the hotel’s requirements were satisfied by 3 No Extreme 500 litre loading cylinders.

Each stainless steel cylinder can produce in excess of 2500l/h at 60°C whilst maximising the efficiency of the primary plant. The loading principle ensures that 100% of the cylinders storage achieves 60°C.

Each Extreme has been supplied c/w a mains fed unvented kit that includes a 35 litre potable expansion vessel, 3.5bar PRV, safety valve and check valve. And to coincide with G3 of the building regulations each kit also includes a 2 port valve which provides a permanent means of isolation to the primary supply.

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