Part of the Stuart Turner Group, Mikrofill Systems Ltd has built its success on quality products, reliability and outstanding customer service.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing in the UK we are committed to ensuring that all our products are geared towards energy efficiency and always satisfy and exceed the most stringent environmental requirements.

Our rapidly expanding range of products include commercial condensing boilers ranging from 70-130KW wall hung and 350-550KW floor standing, hot water loading systems, dosing pots, pressurisation equipment & the new Aquaboost booster set range.

As a company we strive to produce innovative products and can also offer on-site assessments and CIBSE accredited CPD presentations. Filling of a commercial heating & chilled water system and commercial hot water generation with the ‘loading principle’ along with commercial cold water boosting.

Contact us now for a friendly and efficient solution to the many complex issues in the modern building environment.