Under the umbrella of Warwickshire County Council the decision was made to replace the existing LPHW heating plant at the school.

The existing boilers and associated ancillaries were removed and replaced with new Mikrofill equipment by established Warwickshire term contractor Dodd Group Ltd. These included 3 No Ethos 90kW stainless steel condensing boilers each with an integral shunt pump providing a total modulation of 30 > 1 (270 > 9kW). Supplied with free standing support frames, Mikrovent 750 low loss header & air/dirt separator and a cascade header sensor, the new boilers supply VT circuits around the Lower school area.

The new LPHW installation was complimented with a Mikrofill 400 pre-commissioned pressurisation package. In addition the Upper School’s HWS supply was further enhanced by the installation of a new Extreme 500 litre loading cylinder. The Extreme plate heat exchanger is designed to operate at a Δt of 30°C therefore optimising condensing boiler efficiency aswell as ensuring 100% of its stored volume attains 60°C. To discover more about these and other Mikrofill products please call 03452 606020