The land that Hartlebury Castle sits on was granted to the Bishop of Worcester by King Burghred in the late 9th century, although the foundations of the existing building are believed to date back to the 13th century. Complete with a private chapel and a 15th century Great Hall, the castle makes a stunning and atmospheric  backdrop for weddings and other special events.

During the summer of 2017 the castles existing LPHW system was upgraded with new radiators, pipework and a Mikrofill 300 pressurisation package. Installed by established West Midland’s mechanical contactor March Building Services, the package consists of a Mikrofill 3 filling device/category 4 backflow preventer, a 300 litre expansion vessel, service drain valve and a factory commissioning. The commissioning certifies that the nitrogen/air charge in the expansion vessel matches the same pressure as the Mikrofill’s cold fill setting. This inturn ensures that the vessel absorbs the systems expanded water at the calculated final working pressure.

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